When They Don’t Believe In You


For neither did His brethren, believe in Him.  You know, Jesus could do very little, in His own home town.  He came home and preached in their synagogues; they were astonished at His wisdom and the things He knew.  And some said, wait a minute, isn’t this the son of some of our neighbors?   Why, that’s Mary’s son; and isn’t His father, a carpenter from our part of town.  Where did He get all of this kind of knowledge and wisdom; and by the way, who does He think He is?

They were offended in Him.  He couldn’t do such mighty works, like He had been doing other places, because they did not believe in Him.  Jesus said, that, “a prophet is not without honor,” except in his own country, in his own house or among his own kinfolk.  He’s suggesting, that if you really are gifted, or you truly are a prophet, your family and your neighbors who know you well, are not going to believe in you.  Even if you performed miracles.

His brothers, and the scripture names them, did not accept Him as a great prophet; much less, that He was the Messiah.  I sometimes wonder, just what kind of relationship He had with his brothers and sisters.  Do you think that they could tell He was somehow special?  He was the oldest of the children; He grew up with his siblings.  I wonder if they rejected Him, the same way Joseph’s brothers rejected him?   Surely, when He began His ministry, they had heard of the wondrous works He was doing; everywhere.

Prophets learn to live away from their kindred.  It’s always tough, when your family doesn’t believe in you.  You don’t seem to have anything in common with them; they always think you are trying to be something much better than what you are.  Intense envy, often arises, because they feel that you seem to have a gift, a talent of some kind, that they do not have.  And when one or more parents don’t believe in you either, they may have a genuine tendency, to pass it on to the other children.  It brings about a lot of distance; a lack of love and support; a condition of feeling you’re all alone.

When you’re a messenger, and you’ve been sent to deliver what the Spirit has given you, some will often hear you; but they won’t like you.  To be rejected by your own brothers and sisters in the Lord, can actually be a lot harder.  Too often, you expect people in the house of the Lord, those who say they have been filled with the Holy Ghost, to be into seeking and truly following after Him.  And some are not.  A righteous man, accepts correction and loves you for it; if it’s done in real love and genuine humility.  One who is unrighteous, will often despise you.  We can’t forget, they hated our Lord.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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