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When Trump Prophesied His Return to The White House — 5 Comments

  1. It can also mean that DT already is back “in someother form” through Biden. There should be explanations found somewhere why DT is seen in the Simpsons and why Biden said that he did not need any votes. Maybe he did not need any votes because it is the same ministry behind both of them?
    The black eyes of DT (the same as Biden has) when he returns from hospital after “covid” treatment need also to be explained as well as what he heard and nodded at and to who he looked up to in the sky and made a salute to.

    Before DT left office he met the king of Bahrain and some days after that the same king met Putin.

    If you read the “Abraham accord” you will find that it is nothing else but that everyone now will have access to Israel.

    The vaccines which DT has rolled out and which now kills people must also be explained as well as why the human rights is taken from everyone on the whole globe if China is the problem?

    • May God truly deliver u fm the spirit of confusion & delusion, in the mighty name of Jesus! May your mind be renewed so that your life can be transformed. Romans 12:2

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