When Truth Is Replaced

When Truth Is Replaced by What a Select Few Would Want Us to Believe


“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,”   John 8:32.

“… just remember: What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.” 
(Quote from American President Donald J. Trump, at the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States National Convention, Kansas City, MO.  (Full Transcript))

Animal Farm” is a metaphor for a democracy that slowly gives way to an oligarchy that rewards itself by keeping the masses controlled.

I think it depicts pretty closely the road our United States is traveling now in this Trumponian administration.

Is there not an obvious litany of signs that the USA is in the throes of becoming an oligarchic form of government?

Orwell imaged a farm that overthrew its human master and replaced him with a collective leadership of pigs.

These clever pigs promised to reorganize society along a promise of equality with the animal workers being rewarded for their labor on a just and fair farm.

But in the end, only a select group, the pigs themselves were the ones who dominated and controlled the farm.

Orwell’s great literary work mirrored Russia at that time, where Stalin had replaced Trotsky, and Lenin’s vision with the Gulag labor camps had in a system of brutal repression and corruption.

The ruling pigs of Animal Farm gradually became human-like and their promises of change were forgotten.

You know, I read many things written and shared by supposed friends that are quite contrary to what I have been shown and believe to be true.

And yet I seldom if ever, comment in a negative fashion about those things.  I merely go on, deleting the content or choosing not to be swayed.

So now, as I write this piece, I know for certain that some will choose to unfriend me on Facebook or write contrary things concerning it.

But I believe that the truth needs to be told, and through that truth, even in the context of this writing, may it prove to set those free who choose to believe.

I believe we’re just one step away from 2+2 = 5.

In the interrogation scene in 1984 this is the most destructive moment that is seen.  For we now read it as a ridiculous indictment of the rejection of reality.

Because surely we most all know the reality of the fact that 2+2 = 4.

Whenever we’ve been proposed the idea of alternative facts that was once said some time ago by a White House staff person, then one can be lead to question the very validity of facts themselves.

One lie begets a lie and eventually an entire cascading litany of lies takes hold.

The leaders of Animal Farm had maintained thought control by obscuring the facts through a smoke screen.

But now we see how diversion is used constantly to change the topic and to mislead the public away from what actually is the truth.

To be sure, many can’t or won’t see this, because they choose not to, or would rather follow their favorite Fox and Friends network.  For we know that all other news agencies are packed with lies.

Many of the slogans that were used to placate the horses and other lowly animals in Animal Farm, can be seen in such words as “Drain the swamp,” and yet it has become even murkier by eventually hiring only those who mirror and protect the one at the top.

Such are the very devices that both Snowball and Napoleon had chosen to use in their devices of control over the other animals.

The historic Battle that was called “Cowshed,” in which the animals freed the farm from the humans, was told time and again, with fake news added as the pigs began to complain.

There were new spins to the story as the narrative changed.

In the end, one of the true heroes of the Battle of the Cowshed, Snowball, was later reported to have sided with the humans.

Even Trump’s tweet that was deleted about how it was an “honor to host [Palestinian] President Mahmoud Abbas” at the White House, was foreseen in Animal Farm, as the writing on the barn wall was changed and erased as politically necessary.

Eventually the animals could not recall the original writings or how they were altered.

When those in charge continue to warp and lie about what actually happens, then in time, even the general public can begin to doubt what the truth really was.

Napoleon is named rightly, for in the end he becomes the one in charge, as Snowball has to flee.

Napoleon has raised attack dogs from birth, and they are loyal to him in spear-heading his rise to power over all.

One of his main slogans is “Four legs good, two legs bad,” meaning of course that the animals are much better than the humans.

The animals sensed that something wasn’t right but they are told that all of this must happen in order to make a new beginning, a new regime.

Eventually, the farm experiences many set-backs as the crops fail and food shortages arise.

Of course Napoleon blames all of this upon the one who had been cast out, Snowball.

It sounds familiar doesn’t it, as it can become very easy to blame what is happening around us with those who have come before?

And yet, the very one in charge, such that Napoleon was, was the only one to blame for the misfortunes that the animals were facing.

But you see, Napoleon wasn’t such a great speaker, so he sent out one of his favorite pigs by the name of Squealer.

And he twinkles his eyes and moves from side-to-side, promising great things and waylaying the fears of all.

But Squealer has a way of turning little lies into even more enormous ones.  And they aren’t just little variants of the truth, no they are 180 degree turns.

In fact, he has a way of turning black into white, and creating an entire new set of facts.

For it is then said that actually Snowball was the one who was coming near the crops late at night, destroying them, and bringing everything to ruin.

It’s always easy to blame those who have come before us, our predecessors.  Those in charge now, are certainly not to blame for the demise that we are now experiencing.

But then Napoleon thinks that he has the perfect solution to waylay the fears of the populace, for a military parade would certainly show all the grandeur and force that we all have.

It would glorify the one that is now in charge and would move our domain to an even greater height of glory.

Orwell’s purpose in writing this was to portray the signs of a totalitarian government and thus, or show its viewers, the dangers of electing someone who would be in charge in this way.

It seems that it didn’t work out……


~ Stephen Hanson

Prophet Stephen HansonStephen Hanson of In His Truth Ministries came to the LORD is a special way in 1975 and has prophesied regularly since.  In these end-time birthing pangs we are reminded that judgment must first begin with the household of God.  Will we be prepared and ready?

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When Truth Is Replaced — 4 Comments

  1. Obviously you think Trump is leading this Nation in some Dictatorship, yet you fail to mention Obama and his shadow evil agenda, He is still working behind the scenes to take this country into ruin. I only know one thing God is in control!!!!

  2. Sisters MONIQUE and Linda
    Both want to say
    We are with you in spirit one mind and in Unity
    We do so appreciate your courage to speak his word no matter tbe cost.
    You area true prophet of Yahweh!
    Bless you!!!

    • Thank you Linda for your encouraging word. I do intend to speak the truth no matter what.