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Where Are His Unwavering Warriors? — 6 Comments

  1. Amen Lord, here I am use me Lord
    The world needs King Jesus Christ our Lord right now, & we His body are His voice, His burning bushes.
    We the church need to get up, stand up , & get plugged back into Gods word, His intimacy, relationship, true repentance, real love & true witness 4 His kingdom.

  2. I don’t say a whole lot at the moment but sometimes a little is a lot. Keep on keeping on sister I know you will not be defeated and never give up. Keep on preaching and speaking what our Father gives you to say.
    Your friend and brother Dave

  3. This prophecy just was jumping off the page as I read it.  I am declaring it for me!
    Your sister
    In Christ Jesus

  4. Amen!

    A kairos time of great opportunity is coming for the fulfilment of the Lord’s purposes on earth – purposes also for which many are called and have waited many years.  May those called not miss it!

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