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Where are the British Prophets? — 5 Comments

  1. In a rather watered down version i can 100% guarantee you with my whole honest heart that since 2018 the uk government and royals have had their black heart pierced numerous times with warnings containing knowledge uknown by earth humans since 2018 especially in wales! There is what you call a prophet in wales but this is so very different, this prophet is of biblical proportions. From personal intimate experience i call him very superhuman and extremely mindblowing to say the very least! Hes a super super advanced god like intelligent word wizard. It sounds incredible cos it is but its also very real very true, feel safe people because you truely are very safe indeed now!. Have faith.

  2. Please know that you do have people in America praying for the U.K. I know that you pray for America.
    Keep up the good work you are doing.

    • Thank you Venda. Yes we do pray regularly for America and we do know that this is reciprocated by our brothers and sisters in the States. Thank you too for all your encouragement.

      God bless you


  3. Brits don’t like saying sorry for getting it wrong. Stiff upper lip or should I say pride. It’s as if there’s no spine in the church.. To use military terms there’s no nerve and those who have nerve to challenge the establishment are quickly dumbed down and ignored. We have literally witnessed Revelation 18:23 being fulfilled with covid 19.And most of the leaders all telling us to take the not so safe and effective poison. Come on guys humble yourself before God and repent stop being people pleasers take up your swords and shields and fight for the truth. Jesus is coming… It’s time to say no to the beast system, to the alphabet people, to what the world offers us, and we won’t comply with communism let’s be a bride worth coming back for. It’s as if the church doesn’t know that friendship with the world makes us enemies of God. Where are the mighty men of Valor? Where is the man standing in the gap. The church has got it wrong and needs to flush its pride down the toilet and repent. The truth hurts and people don’t believe that rebuke is love.

  4. “Where are the British Prophets?…” Maybe still prosecuting a grouchy turf war against the Charismatics, which has been a preoccupation of UK Prophetic prominents for at least half a century. It is not surprising that they have lost this, or that the nation has eschewed their barren strictures.

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