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  1. We are looking to a building or a group…when as an individual I am the church. I am to carry his presence like that everywhere I go. That tangible expression of his love, his grace, his power. If we aren’t experiencing ‘church’ it’s because as an individual I’m *we are not* not being/behaving like ‘the church’?  It’s time to stop blaming the church and search our own hearts as to the reason we aren’t manifesting his presence individually. I’m not saying this as an attack, but as an answer to why the church isn’t what she used to be…

  2. Sister Gail, wow you hit the nail on the head! Like you, I miss the churches from my 20s and 30s. There was so much freedom to praise and worship the Lord. His presence was there whereever and whenever 2 or more were gathered.

  3. Praise God! God bless you, Minister Gail! You are absolutely right Sister!
    God did mention a great falling away in his Word and I asked myself on quite a few occasions, where is the Church of Jesus Christ, but the true hearted, faithful and obedient Church, do not seem to be in many of the buildings today, but spread out abroad, throughout the country and it seems to be a small selected group of Chosen and Anointed believers who are sincerely preparing themselves for the Coming of Jesus.

    I am who loves to praise the Lord with holy dance, allowing the Holy Spirit to move in power, as I submitted myself, inclined to how the Lord wanted to use me in a dance to glorify and praise his holy name. In most churches today, if you get up in a holy dance they may definitely want to sit you down or dismiss you from attending that church building.

    Many are called, but few are Chosen by the Lord, accepting the call of God. God bless you, Sister Gail, I stand along with you on one accord in the Spirit of God,in prayer and faith, that we will be able to dance as much as we want in the New Jerusalem, with the praises to the Lord, without being sat down or looked at as crazy or offending someone.️❤️❤️

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