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  1. Dear beloved, let me tell you that your prayer for your friends went beyond. After I had been hearing the sound of shofar, I only needed half painkillers that day :-)
    It is not just the whole way. When the Good Samaritan saw the man who was robbed and stripped and beaten, he was moved with pity. He had compassion. He went to him. Action. He bandaged his wounds and he poured oil and wine on them. He gave him the best treatment he could. He cared and attended. He put him on his own animal. He allowed him to sit on his own dear animal. He brought him to an inn. Took him to a safe place. Job done? No. He made sure he would be cared for, while he was gone. This is a story of a man. The Son of His Majesty God Almighty, Jesus Christ goes beyond of what we expect of Him. Always. World’s hatred? Jesus loves you more, beyond imagination. We go beyond and pray for our neighbors, whoever it may be along the way. And. Worship God Almighty. Glory to God our loving Father. God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

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