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Like a Whirlwind in the Ocean — 2 Comments

  1. If we pause the video (first or last seconds), it’s like someone has written something with the white clouds (on left).


  2. Father, so it be! Amen!
    So it be your will, and not my will. Be your will my will, and your spirit my spirit.

    To be empty “of us”, so we will be perfect fulfilled “of you”. And so more: to overflow your spirit of blessings, not only for us, but for all that came to us. To be yours anointed ones, perfect kingdom representatives like our savior; our master that come in flesh and died for us, and your most beloved son, Yausha.

    Blessings for all that are searching for you (some without knowing what is happening); searching your perfect will. You certainly will find them (manly through us), and they will find you, your joy, your blessings, and our true gift of life: a complete (fulfilled) and perfect joyful life that you have designed and designate to each of us whitin you (and for you whitin us). Forever and ever. Amen.

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