Those Who Wait on God: Always Win!


I prophesy:  God’s promises will surely come true, no matter what you have told yourself, and no matter what the circumstances have told you.

Take God at His Word and watch Him perform signs, wonders and mighty miracles in the midst of you!

Those who wait on God: always win!

A few things to do – in the waiting.

  • Love Him – in the waiting.
  • Praise Him – in the waiting.
  • Worship Him – in the waiting.
  • Dance unto Him – in the waiting.
  • Cry unto Him – in the waiting.
  • Lean on Him – in the waiting.
  • Trust in Him – in the waiting.
  • Resist worry, anger and becoming frustrated – in the waiting.
  • Stay steadfast in Him – in the waiting.
  • Remain faithful in Him – in the waiting.
  • Be patient in Him – in the waiting.
  • Be mindful of His goodness and unmerited favour – in the waiting.
  • Meditate on His sovereignty, power and wisdom – in the waiting.
  • Set your heart and mind on His abundance and unlimited supply – in the waiting.
  • Remember His great mercies – in the waiting.
  • Recount all the past victories and timely deliverances – in the waiting.
  • Stand and reconsider His wonders and miracles – in the waiting.
  • Watch!  With expectation and prepare for sudden and unexpected answers – in the waiting, finally….
  • Renounce the voice of doubt and unbelief – in the waiting and
  • Rebuke the enemies lies – in the waiting.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Those Who Wait on God: Always Win! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Abba Father, as I continue to wait, reject disappointments, lies, renouncing doubt, unbelief, steadfast, in the waiting, patiently, in the waiting, holding on, remembering your Great Mercies, resisting, worry, anger, frustrations, holding on to the Good Report, of all you have spoken, faithful in the waiting, praising you in the waiting, dancing with you in the waiting, singing, joy, joy, joy, in the waiting. Hallelujah !!!
    Loving you Daddy, in the waiting, leaning into you in the waiting, crying in the waiting, Worshiping you in the beauty of your holiness, setting my heart on the abundance of all that you are, what you have for me. Hallelujah!
    Mediating upon you, your words. Glory to God!
    I thank thee evermore, for you are faithful and true always, it never ever changes.

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