Whose Kingdom Are YOU Promoting?

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Whose Kingdom Are YOU Promoting?

Saints, all these sponsored advertisements on Facebook to get you to buy their books, pay to hear their webinars, and go to their conferences, are part of the Babylonian religious system, as is the merchandising of the gospel.

They need to repent and put their trust in the LORD for provision for the ministry.

It connects them to principalities, that are wicked.

Some of them may mean well, but the LORD is coming with the sword of His mouth to judge these principalities and powers through His genuine authentic apostles and prophets.

You leaders who are operating like this, I tell you, even weeping, do not become an enemy of the cross!

“Stop building and promoting your kingdom and seek and build My Kingdom.

if you will repent and humble your selves in fasting and prayer, I will bring the wealth of the wicked to you, so you do not have to operate that way.

If you do not repent, I The LORD will remove your candlestick from your ministries.

Repent and go back to being the House of Prayer for all nations, instead of a den of thieves.”

His House of Prayer

“Saints, the Word says My House shall be a House of Prayer for all Nations.

But you have made it a den of thieves!

If you are charging for training equipping, mentoring and seminars and conferences, you are operating like a den of thieves.

Repent while you can, and humble yourselves and go back to being My House of Prayer.”

“Even those I will bring to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer.
Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My altar; for My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples,”   Isaiah 56:7.

“Then He taught, saying to them, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations’?  But you have made it a ‘den of thieves,’”   Mark 11:17.

The Head of the Church

Minsters, Church leaders, if you claim to be the head of your churches and ministries, you are under deception and giving place to the Antichrist spirit.

You are NOT the head!  Jesus Christ is!

You did not shed your blood for their sins, Jesus Christ did.

You are called to be a steward and servant leader.

It is not a one man show.  The church should be led by elders who have five-fold giftings, who are servant leaders, and yes, there may be a more mature seasoned elder whom you look to more, because they carry more of the character and nature of Christ.

But you are all to be subject one to another.

1 The elders who are among you I exhort, I who am a fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that will be revealed:  2 Shepherd he flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers, not by compulsion but willingly, not for dishonest gain but eagerly;  3 nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock;  4 and when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that does not fade away.
 5 Likewise you younger people, submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for ‘God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble,'”   1 Peter 5:1-5.


Kevin Nugent
An apostle of the LORD.

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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