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Why Bruises Take So Long To Heal — 5 Comments

  1. This is so good for our hearts, and to receive it in our spirit, and to live by this knowledge. Little by little we’ll get healed. Thank you Lord Jesus, for sending Your servant. God bless you all. Amen.

  2. Every time I read your Posts, they hit it right on the mark….  God is so good especially when mankind can tend to be so bad to the point of not only inflicting bruises, but also on how much those scar tissues continually still hurt today….  Healing has been a consistent process that doesn’t seem to end most times especially during the last grueling days. And yet, My mouth never ceases to Praise our Holy Father who is always there to render aid even when we don’t realize how much we truly need it and even During those times we try to get back up, dust ourselves off, and go along our so-called merry way.  I’ve Been learning as of lately as to how Forgiveness can really be one of the main Keys to it all as far as true healing begins though it seems… But Not only forgiving ourselves for being so gullible, ignorant and trusting all the wrong individuals in our life at times… And yes, it’s sometimes repeatedly having to forgive those individuals until we finally determined that it should lead to a much deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus (who happens just to be The Great Physician.by the way).  So, Until we All realize that none Can be forgiven on Judgement Day if we don’t forgive All the petty hurtful attacks inflicted upon us (and inflicted upon others I’m sure) by those that ended up harming us…  Why waste a chance of having a meaningful relationship with not only our Heavenly Father but also with our Truest Friend, Jesus…. He’s never going to inflict upon us any kind of pain that isn’t able to be fully healed just as long as We keep holding onto His Gentle but Mighy Hand and pay really close attention to His Still Small Voice… Nothing else soothes nor comforts the soul better. 

    May God Bless You Super Abundantly Brother Robert Blackburn for sharing these posts and May Swift Healing be increased Throughout God’s Eternal Kingdom at Hand.  In Jesus’ Holy Name!  AMEN…

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