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Why Doesn’t Everyone Get Healed? — 7 Comments

  1. Derek Prince teaching on U-tube on 7 ways we can block getting healed. So glad for your posting.  There is hardly any teaching onhealing in the churches.  I was healed after my spinal cord was inadvertantly cut during sback urgery.  Doc said I’d never be able to do anything anymore. But praise God I was healed, During my 3 month hospital stay read my Bible from Genesis to Ps 103:1-3.The 3rd verse popped off the page.  When I got out of the hospital went in search of healing since I didn’t know anyone who had experienced a healing miracle.  22 months later a friend picked me up and took me to a meeting in Seattle. Gloriouspraise music, and the preacher got up to preach.  Midway thru the sermon he closed his Bible, heaaded down the center aisle, turned down the aisle where I was, stopped in front of me and began to prophesy to me.  It started out Be healed from the top of your head to the souls of your feet. The rest of the Word I don’t know because a wonderful glow came over me and started at the top of my head and went down to my feet.  Was basking in that and was instantly healed.  Also serious nerve damage was gone along with Arthritus in lower back was gone!  Hallelujah.  Have read a lot on healing but have never read that we can be healed thru prophecy also.  Glory to God! Thank you Jesus

  2. Thank you! Great balance here! Yes God heals, delivers, and does great miracles! But, there are many today, that make that there whole purpose? And like you said, seem to think all should be healed and it’s a lack of faith if you are not? I wonder about people that have lost that balance? Everything for them is about healings, casting out demons and deliverance.  And if you aren’t promoting this all the time, in there estimation you are not anointed of God and you are not establishing God’s kingdom?? It’s sad to me, as the cross isn’t preached and how many are truly being born again? Thank you for this message! Very true and balanced.

  3. Stephen, you covered a lot and went deep in this. Good understanding and wisdom on this subject and much needed! God bless

  4. Very seldom that one of the Charismatic side digs deeper into this subject“ You could have mentioned Job also, whose suffering was a test for his faith from which God allowed.

    As one who has and still is suffering physically a lot, this is a necessary teaching.

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