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Why Go the Extra Mile? — 7 Comments

  1. For those who have been made one with God through Jesus Christ turning the other cheek and going the extra mile is always the only option in fact there is never any other. It is as easy as breathing. Only for those playing church is it a chore. For those who walk in the flesh and not in the spirit. We aren’t trying to crucify the flesh we know that has already been done by Jesus.
    We walk and live by faith. Living in Christ 101.

    • Amen. But it seems many are compromising that truth in this season of great deception but the Lord is uncovering, recovering and gathering the Remnant. God bless you David for faithful heart. Happy Thanksgiving, Sandi

  2. What a Timely Word for now! Thank you Sandi, as it is so on the mark. It is solid truth, spoken in both Truth and in Spirit. Hugs & prayers

    • GOD BLESS YOU FAITHFUL WOMAN OF GOD..May we all count our blessings one by one as we gather around our Thanksgiving feasts with grateful hearts and remember the early Pilgrims as we fight the good fight of faith to restore AMERICA and freedom from sea to shining sea. May God shed His light on us and dispel all the darkness xoxo Sandi

      • God bless you too, Sandi. Also your Thanksgiving with family and friends! May grace, mercy & peace keep your every step in Jesus Name!

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