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Why We Must Encourage One Another — 2 Comments

  1. Praise be to GOD! My husband and I are a part “of the family of GOD.”
    There are 12-14 of us who meet every week for praise, worship, study and fellowship. We have a chosen by GOD, spirit filled ordained pastor. As our pastor has been chosen by GOD,it was said that each of us were put together (chosen) to be a part of this loving body. We range in age 12-84.
    We all come from different backgrounds(which matters not).
    What does matter is: We are of the same spirit – THE HOLY SPIRIT.
    We know our SAVIOUR JESUS personally. We abide in HIS WORD.
    We do not judge our brothers and sisters. There is only ONE JUDGE.
    Our FATHER, Our SAVIOR, THE HOLY SPIRIT will meet us, be with us,
    enfold us within HIS arms no matter where we may be-in a church building, in a home, etc. We must first welcome HIM in.
    HE is our ALL IN ALL!

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