Wilderness – a Divinely Ordained Preparation!


Somebody, you must understand that the wilderness experience is your divinely ordained method of preparation for you to walk in your promised land.

For every child of God must be tested to their lowest level to confirm their qualification for the best of the Kingdom.  It is the divine way of signing you into the promise: for, every prophetic word of greatness will be proved in the wilderness.

In God’s Kingdom, the way up is by first going down.  Therefore, if you cannot serve God at your lowest, then neither will you be able to serve him at your highest.  If you cannot serve God when you have nothing, you won’t be able to serve him when you have everything either.  God’s tests for your promotion will come to you when you are at your worst place.

Ah, if you cannot serve God when you have no one standing with you, you will not be able to serve him when you have everyone either.  Everyone knows that it is easy to love back when everyone loves you; but it is in the being able to love those who don’t love you at all that true Kingdom maturity is demonstrated.

It is quite easy to give to God and society when you have everything, but the tests of God will come when you have nothing but a little cruse of flour left in your house.  You are about to eat it with your son, ‘and die’.  Then comes Elijah. He who is faithful in a little will also be faithful in much.  You hear people saying, “When I get a better job, I will begin tithing to God,” but it’s a lie!  If you never formed the habit when you had just a little, it will be even harder now to form when you have to tithe much more than before.

Everyone wants to be blessed by God, but very few people are ready for the preparation that comes with it.  Are you ready to be rebuked and disciplined by him?

It says in the Word, ‘Many are called, but few are chosen.’  Why is this so?  Because the preparation process is very rigorous.  You will be taken through hard and tough things.  You will go through fire and water.  You will be mistaken, accused and abused.  People will lie on you.  They will hate on you for no cause.  They will strip off your coat of many colors and throw you into the pit to die.  Many negative things will happen to you when you are on the way to the palace.

But it is not what happens to you that matters, but rather, God is interested to know how you will react to all these things.

Can you keep quiet and not let everyone know how life and everyone is unfair to you?  It says of Jesus that he was led as a lamb to the slaughter, yet he was silent.  Can you be still and let it pass?

Can you lack food in your house and still get your worship on?

Can you be sick and still love and serve God all the same?

Can you get fired and still pray for your boss?

Can you be ‘thrown into jail’ and still praise God?

There are many people who want to acquire the promised land, but they do not want to pass through the wilderness.  But, hey!  In the Kingdom of God, that is the only way to the promised land: you must go through the fire!  If you cannot serve God when you are deep in the dark valley, then neither will you be able to serve him on the mountaintop.

It is only when you have gone through the valley of death and come out triumphantly that you will also be able to receive the table set before you in the presence of your enemies.

Ah, I decree it: no matter the tough things which you are presently undergoing in your wilderness, you will come out on top in Jesus’ name.

I decree you will not fall, fail nor falter at the place of your testing.

I decree it: though you have gone through hell and high-water, yet you are coming out into a wealthy place.

I decree it: though you went into the fire a nobody, yet you are coming out into major promotion in your workplace.

I decree it: though you lost everything in your life at the time of your testing, yet you will receive double for your trouble!

Hey, raise your faith and receive this into your life in Jesus’ name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi



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  1. Powerful word! So Powerful! Thank you for listening to God’s voice! Will bookmark this page and save it for the future, so when I look back? I will remember the hell I went through and the Victory I got.

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