Will We Do, What He Asks Us To Do?


We once said that we would; we meant it then.  There is an issue, that we need to clear up here and now.  There are many, right here on this site, that can sense and discern in the Spirit, whether something is of the Spirit or not.  They don’t have to work at it; they have learned just how this “unction” of the Holy Ghost functions.  Everyone that has truly been baptized in the Spirit, was given this.  We started out equal.

We can become less acute in our discerning, if we fail to “stir up,” the gift that is within us.  It’s time for a change in some of what we see posted here.  We need to stop worrying or giving too much of our time, being overly concerned about what others are saying.  If we are in the Spirit, we’ll know within a few words or comments, whether it’s coming from the dark one, or from self.  There have always been false people in our churches, and all among us.  It’s one of the reasons, we were admonished to stay alert and let the Spirit in us, decide what’s real.  Without that, we detect nothing.

This has to be said.  There are some here, who have very good intentions, and they truly want to be used of God and say the things they feel He has asked them to say.  But, they are yet too harsh, and are still projecting, too much Self.  You can hear it.  It’s in their tone of voice, and the way they come across to the people they believe they were sent to.  If someone sounds so humble on one post, and then comes out overly harsh and demeaning on the next one, we have a problem.  It’s about, bitter and sweet water.

To those who have been truly appointed by the Spirit: We are on a precipice.  We are going to be called upon, to speak some things we may not want to, in this hour.  Many of us do not want conflict.  It is not our nature to engage in mudslinging and pointless arguing.  That is one reason, that we were chosen to speak what the Spirit wants to speak, and do what He wants us to do.  It likely comes down to just how much, we really love people, and how much we actually love Him.  Not acting like Jesus acted, is a clear sign to us.

There is a strong call going forth even now to a certain group of people.  It’s those who once sang a particular chorus; they sang it with tears and hearts desire.  It simply went, “I’ll go where you want me to go, dear Lord.  O’er mountain or plain or sea.  I’ll say what you want me to say, dear Lord.  I’ll be, what you want me to be.” 

I have to be honest; the tears come now, and I feel the same deep Spirit I once did.  You see, I was one of those people.  It may shake some, but it does not matter where you are in your life; what kind of direction your steps took you in.  You made a promise to Him.

Being real?  I myself, have fought with this recently.  God may be asking things of me, I don’t want to do.  He may be asking me to stay, somewhere I do not want to stay.  We all have our reasons.  I hate to tell some of us, but as these days progress, we will not be able to resist that call that was once placed on us.  No matter how fixed we may be in our lives, we were given a mission.  You see, we are needed, more than any other time we’ve known.  We know, it won’t be easy; it’s not the most comfortable path.  We have to do, what we said we would do.  People’s very lives, may depend on us.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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