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Will YOU Ascend the Hill of The LORD? — 3 Comments

  1. Good for you Cheri Berge.  I know the path you walk.  Mine is not identical, but there are many similarities.  It warms my heart to see you coming through it all.  May God use you in wonderful ways beyond your wildest imaginations.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this encouraging Word. In this intense heat, and incredible depths it’s much needed.
    My last comment went too long to say it.
    But I want your readers to know that what you posted here is very true. The process of saying good riddance to the millstones…I can’t even describe it!! All I know is I no longer smoke, do drugs, drink, or even think of a curse word. I have a sincere “Inside Out” relationship with the One who is Love and I’ve never known True Love before. I’m reminded of the picture of the little girl holding on to her tattered filthy teddy bear and Jesus is standing in front of her asking her to give it up while He’s holding a ginormous brand new one behind His back, and she says to Him, through tears, “But I love him Jesus!”
    Anyways, bless you Gail, your encouragement has helped me on my journey through The Valley of Shadows…thank you, and bless your beautiful heart:)

  3. At the end of 2014 I began to hear these words, “She needs to choose.” And then a Still Small Voice would reply, “She will.”
    This happened several times over a couple of months until finally on January 5th, 2015 I screamed, “I CHOOSE JESUS CHRIST!!!” I felt myself instantly stripped from the inside out and could feel myself bare naked and wretched before a Holy God, I was so ashamed. He immediately took me through a process I can only describe like in Isaiah, where the women were bald with sores on their heads and sackcloth around their waists. I had to quit my job, give back the company vehicle, throw my makeup, cut my hair off, move in with my ex, (ive been sleeping on his couch ever since) fast and pray…pray…pray. Everyone I knew thought I went nuts…and they were right. I let go of everything He told me to despite the mockery of family and the world I worshipped. The big Christian song that came out at that time was Inside Out.
    I was just introduced this year to the animated movie Inside Out…it came out in 2015!!!! I did it Gail, all He asked me to do, and am now sitting on my patio surrounded with flowers awaiting my two beautiful young grandchildren with my ex husband, who is now my best friend…with skin on, of course, because Truly, Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit, in this gut wrenching, pain staking process, have become my best friends!!

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