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  1. Folks, instead of promoting the previous President who clearly tore down many things that you have failed to mention, or writing a divisive thesis concerning the one now in office, I ask simply that instead of what you have now written, to consider those things that are clearly written down in this word from the Lord. That is all I simply ask.

    • PK, Instead of insinuating things about me that are not true, perhaps it would be much better for you to read what the Lord has spoken, that is not divisive, but only a call for bringing others, even you, into a place where unity can be found. Yes, “if” others even like yourself, decide to write things that are divisive and used by the enemy as such, then they shouldn’t be found here.

  2. As you mentioned in your post, let’s pray for President Biden. Let’s not continue to sin, knowing what to do and not do it, which is to pray.

    • C, you can be sure I am praying for him and those of his cabinet, personal salvation, real salvation. I pray they gain an understanding of Who the Father is, what Christ did for us & receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I pray a suddenly encounter like Paul’s road to Damascus experience. I pray the scales would fall from their eyes and they would see, fall on their faces, ask forgiveness and repent! Until that happens I cannot offer God’s blessings and will not clasp hands walking in agreement with the demonic policies he & his administration are putting into place. For what communion do I or any Christian have with darkness? I pray his agenda against God is obliterated and those helping to implement it are uprooted and replaced with persons that love & fear God Almighty. I understand the principle of sowing and reaping is always in play. So, I pray God has mercy on our nation as we reap the consequences of what we have sown. I pray the church be unified in prayer against the enemy of our souls and his agenda for this nation. I pray we use our God-given authority to be victorious over our enemies & expand the Kingdom of God. Amen.

  3. Amen to previous Word indeed Amen , We now see a puppet politician before us a grandad figure for the face to endear too but is a sheepskin with the puppet master of biden being Obama waiting in the wings is Harris to take the role and his mantle sliding in the back door to the pre planned agenda set before us and impending judgement on this Nation for the whole world to see shortly all funded and set in place by the Chinese government and the Rothschild and there organisations of this world , indeed Trump stood for the unborn and for Israel and now everything like that Trump put in place has and is being overturned and so where there was once favour and peace on such hard times , now the fruit of what will be sown will be reaped as sponsoring the killing of the unborn in other nations with usa money is an insult to God and this nation and soon the whole world will see Gods Mighty hand at work on Earth As In Heaven Amen….. watch and See….

  4. Oh Father God- The God of Heaven and Earth- help us to remember who the REAL enemy IS! As we continue to cry out- please help us to DO YOUR Will to Advance YOUR KINGDOM Here on Earth and Always Look to YOU- The Author & Finisher of our Faith! YOU are the ONLY ONE that can UNITE Us & make us ONE NATION UNDER GOD- with LIBERTY and JUSTICE For ALL!

  5. Yes, it’s true that often we don’t wake up or change our paradigm until loss and trouble shake things up. It hasn’t taken long for the new administration to bring loss of jobs, tighter restrictions, and opened gates to foreign control and influx of drug and child trafficking. And so many still say that they feel relief at the ending of DJT’s administration! What more will it take? Lord, help us to submit and be changed by Your chastisement!

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