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Winds of Adversity and Storms of Change — 2 Comments

  1. An excellent illustration. Some of His trees are groaning now and others are clapping their hands! :)
    I heard a botanist speak at a Christian conference, a believer, who shared with us that some scientists wanted to prove that trees have feelings and are aware of the nature around them. They learned from their study that if a plant senses danger coming its way, it emits a scent or something to warn the trees next to it.(As in a locust attack). To prove this, the scientists set two of the same type of plants on a table side by side. They hooked up sensitive and metered electrodes to both, kind of like a lie detector to each metered plant. They turned the electricity on to one plant, and studied the meter readings and the reactions, and when the plant that got the electricity was hit by it, the one beside it went into shock and withered up and died.

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