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With What Judgment They Judge They Will Be Judged — 4 Comments

  1. Ken –

    This Word so bares witness with me. Just yesterday I posted what I heard from the Lord – regarding the plethora of unjust judgments against this man (a true leader in God’s eyes). The end of it all will show what God reveals: He knows them that are upright in heart, and knows the ways of the perverse. The day will come and reveal it all. Shalom.

  2. Indeed, Prophet Ken, all those people and those who call themselves Prophet who are passing judgement and calling it revelation shall reap what they have sown. They have worn the garment of control and have yielding to their self seeking heart but woe be unto them for they shall be judged as they have judged when they set a law into motion. Blessings, Sandi Holman

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