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Woe to the Shepherds — 3 Comments

  1. Of the churches, you ask the question, I quote, “Why is it business as usual?”  The answer is that these churches effectively are businesses. T think we need to consider more carefully the significance of the Lord’s words that we cannot serve God and mammon.  Churches that are effectively run as businesses are serving mammon, and therefore cannot be serving God.  Although the Lord can still bring blessing through anyone and anything, His words are sufficient to explain the ultimate failure of these churches to serve God and to speak out against the present evil.

    • A strong but necessary word; thank you.

      As undershelherds May we be found faithful…
      Acknowledging God as God and giving Him preeminence
      as we seek out the lost…bind up the broken hearted…tending to their wounds…strengthening them in Christ!
      …Sounding the pure words of the Gospel of Truth, Life and Light!

      Forgive us Lord…in the NA Church esp. We have been so comfortable,
      so self-seeking, following the culture and constructs of this present Age rather
      than the Kingdom of our Lord and His Christ!
      … and now everything that can be shaken …is being shaken..
      until only that which is founded upon the Rock remains!

      We take up our Cross Lord!
      Unto You alone be the Glory, Dominion and Power FORVER!!

  2. Isn’t this the truth? Many pastors are preaching Armageddon inevitability here in the US and doing nothing. Woe to the Shepherds!

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