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The Woman Shall Encompass the Man! — 6 Comments

  1. I believe this verse is best taken in context. The woman, is Israel, is Jerusalem, and the “man” is God. Israel will then pursue God, instead of God pursuing Israel. In the case of courtship, the man pursues the woman, in Jewish culture. Here, the woman or “Israel” will pursue God, finally, with her whole heart. Read it again.

  2. Amen!! I believe this is SPOT ON and an awesome ncredibly important word directly from the mouth of God! He is indeed doing this new thing in our generation.

  3. The prophetic word is so powerful and accurate,God showed me years back that women will lead this millennium,not by might not by power but by the spirit of God.

  4. Beautifully spoken! Such an intimate Word for this wonderful season! I enjoy and am encouraged by your Words from the Lord. Thank you for sharing these timely Words to a world that is in such need of them. Your faithfulness will be rewarded, sister!

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