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Women on the Front Lines — 2 Comments

  1. Grazie Elaine! Tutto questo è vero!Conosco l’odio implacabile che satana riversa sulle donne e se vivi in Cristo non si ferma finché non ti ha distrutto. Ma il Signore Cristo Gesù è nostro rifugio e nostra fortezza!

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Thank you Elaine! All this is true! I know the relentless hatred that satan pours out on women and if you live in Christ he does not stop until he has destroyed you. But the Lord Christ Jesus is our refuge and our fortress!” ]

  2. Thank you for a super timely word!!!  The narcissist in my life has been brutal in his attacks lately, and just last night in prayer I was crying out for deliverance.  Wow.  Thank You Lord, and thank you Elaine!

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