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A Word of Encouragement on Trust — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for being pleased with me Lord despite all my weakness. Dear Lord please answer me speedily according your tender mercy, according to your word spoken through your daughter, prophetess Kelly. Am so glad you(Jesus) love Lord. Give me the grace to trust you more than ever before without wavering. I also pray for more vision, anointing, grace & wisdom from above for your daughter, prophetess Kelly. God shield her & all that concerns her In Jesus Name. Thank you

  2. Its being a very difficult & trying time for me but the prophetic word made it clear God will carry me through all this. I just believe he will & so Wait patiently on him. Thank you God’s vessel

  3. What an awesome God I have been going through so many trials and tribulations in my marriage and home front praying,praising, fasting and anointing to break the yokes and have come to my end where all I can do is give it all to Jesus now stop wondering when the pain and hurt will stop. Thank you for talking to me today I will hope in the Lord until this passes all the injustice.

    • Hello Lindy-Ann,

      I declare a breakthrough to come into your life. May the Lord bring a turnaround to your situation quickly. I see that the Lord has your situation in the palms of his hands. He has not forgotten about you nor your family.

    • I am so glad the word encouraged you. Father, remove the weights of heaviness and burden. Lord lift up Anela… bring her to higher ground. Stay steadfast after him. He will not let you sink. In fact the Lord is raising you up even now. The winds of the Holy Spirit is going to blow upon your situation.


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