Word of the Lord: “To My Holy Remnant”


This is the Hour and the time to seek Me with all your hearts, minds, souls and strength.  Seek Me as a Vital necessity, as a drowning person would gasp for air.

Seek Me in deep fasting and prayers and repentance.  Allow My Holy Spirit to search you deeply, that you may turn away from all the sins that you have ever committed specifically, and the iniquities of your ancestors.

I have begun and am doing a deeper work in you, purging your blood and your bloodlines, your DNA, of all iniquity by the spirit of judgement and the spirit of burning.

The refining and the Baptism of Fire is being turned up 1,000 fold in this very Hour, Says the Lord.  To you who Love My Word and obey My Commandments and my Voice, it shall bring great comfort in the ever increasing darkness and shaking that is coming in a measure the world has never known.

I shall be your covering in a canopy of the greatest Glory the world has never known.   This is the Hour of My judgement, beginning with My House, and then with the Nations.

I will shake the leadership of My Church, for many are still clinging to Babylonian garments and have not looked to me for the blueprints and patterns of how My House looks in the heavens, so that it may be the same in the earth.

Those who are corrupt in leadership will be cut off if they do not repent,  says the Lord.   For I will no longer tolerate the abuse the manipulation the control, the merchandising, the selling of the Gospel.  For I have spoken repeatedly in the scriptures that you would buy My bread without price or money.  Freely you have received – freely give.  Buy the truth and sell it not!

There are some ministries that sell nothing and others though they have resources available for purchase.  They give away My word to the poor.  They make many of their teachings available for free online.  I will not judge those who do so with My heart, but to the wicked who fleece My sheep and make it so that the poor cannot receive My word, I shall cut them off and shut heaven over there lives and ministries if they do not repent of their doubt and unbelief and lack of trust in Me.

Oh you wicked servants who charge extravagant fees for conferences and equipping and training My people to the point where the poor cannot be equipped or trained –  Repent Quickly and return to My Heart For I AM A CONSUMING FIRE!

Turn from your lawless ways and return to me with all your hearts  – with weepings fasting and prayer. Return to your first love and I shall release the greatest measure of My glory you have ever known.

Stop watering down the Gospel and call My Church and your Nations to Repentance, to Fasting and Prayer for my true servants will do so in this hour, because they are hearing My voice, and preparing My people for My soon Coming, and the great and terrible day of the Lord.  But for the hirelings and those who serve there own bellies and the stumbling blocks to My People I shall cut them off, says the Lord!


Kevin NugentKevin Nugent





Word of the Lord: “To My Holy Remnant” — 1 Comment

  1. The quake is set to strike.

    Get behind the fence…do not attempt to sit on it…and do not delay. LEAVE the house NOW…the house of fun..of entertainment..of churchiology..of debate and strife…of selling and buying.

    What can be shaken will be shaken.

    The house built on the sand shall FALL and fall hard.

    The whirlwind follows shortly after…the whirlwind of the fire…NOT the feel good FUN fire churchiology talks about endlessly and almost worships.

    This fire will not be pleasant to those it sweeps down up..and indeed..will be the utter end of many.

    Its time you posted that vision I sent ya Kev.

    NOW is the time.


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