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  1. Norman , God bless you! He loves you so. I am sorry you had to walk that out. I understand. I truly do. He knows and He understands. He knows your heart. You are a blessing to Him. He wants you to know that.

    God bless you all! I am happy to be back!
    Praise God!

  2. I love all souls, dear sister Kelley and sincerely/truly respect your post. I have a small circle, God is healing me gradually from all of the hurt and pain, in which I’ve experienced from the Church, my enemies, has shown more true love, than many of those who are called/chosen by God.

    I’ve experienced personally in my life, for years, but many don’t see it. Is God good enough to give a prophetic Word, but not an encouraging or Word of love? How salt and fresh water flows from the same lips regularly, I will never understand.

    Many of times, the Bride of Jesus Christ is attacked daily, reprimanded, condemned, etc, more so than the Gospel of Jesus Christ being preached to the lost, more so busy bodies, spirit of gossiping and so forth, so I walk not trusting many, until the Holy Spirit reveals the true spirit within that individual.

    Thank you, for your encouragement and Spirit filled post, words of encouragement, love and compassion. I naturally have a compassionate heart, but because of being targeted by the Church with condemnation/judgment, my heart began to grow weary with resentment, but God began to show me those chosen vessels of his, who bear his Love, compassion, those who are truly desiring to see souls eternally Saved, set free, filled with the Holy Spirit. God bless you, sister Kelley!❤️

  3. Praise God! Amen and Amen! God bless you, dear sister Kelley! I pray that you are doing and feeling well in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! I thank God for allowing you to share this post, as I do visit His Kingdom Prophecy often, encouraged from those posts, in which the Holy Spirit directs me to embrace, according to his divine will. I’ve been through quite a bit spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally, truly understanding that is by the Spirit of God who has been keeping me through it all.

    I always like to examine my heart and commune with God, especially when those who are supposed to be my true brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, but instead of love, there seems to be judgment or condemnation projected to me, not the love of Jesus Christ, opposed to sincerely praying for a beloved brother, there is more so condemnation, so I’ve closed myself off from drawing close to people in general for years, opening up to those individuals, with whom I feel the Holy Spirit has sent my way.

    My heart desires humility, compassion towards all souls and to show love, opposed to coming across as hateful. Many true prophets are not received, due to the false projection of love presented, from those titled with the name prophet or prophetess, as I myself don’t feel the love, so many move on in Jesus Christ, lonely, not trusting, paining or hurt, because those they should be able to confide in or speak to, show them the same lack of love as the world does.

  4. Stability!
    I shall write these word in my heart
    I shall wait on you Lord
    I ask that you speak
    I pray to hear your Voice as I listen.

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