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Works of Righteousness Will Mark You as HIS Own — 3 Comments

  1. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, Sister Reinke, beloved and mighty Minister in Jesus Christ the Lord, our Savior! I thank God, for Ministering his Infallible, holy Word of prophecy to reach the ears and hearts of his chosen vessels, those needing to hear this heart felt Word of righteousness, hope, encouragement and inspiration. Yes, I feel that I do stand alone, for many years, I don’t fit into the molding of this world’s operations, activities or involvements. My heart chooses to be connected, linked to Jesus Christ, to the Kingdom of God, his righteousness.

    I fall into total agreement, I will stand alone, even when it hurts at times of earthly loneliness, I have to perserveer for the sake of the Kingdom of God, for the sake of the Master Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of my faith, my Narrator of True Love, having the Perfect storyline for my life’s destiny in him.

    I pray for all who serve Jesus Christ, not willing to waver, buckle, sway, but grounded in their belief, trust in Jesus Christ, who stand alone, regardless the opposition and low numbers of not participating with those walking, running the broad path of destruction, I pray your full strength spiritually, physically and mentally in the Lord Jesus.
    I pray for the lost souls, wandering, those blinded hearts and eyes who have not of not accepting the full Truth of God, not accepted Jesus Christ, but rejecting the Gift of Salvation and everything he Sacrificed at the Cross, his shed Blood, giving his very Life, his Death and Resurrection, all out of Love to reconcile us back to the Heavenly Father.

    God bless you, Minister Reinke! Thank you, for your full service in the Lord, in holiness, for the edifying of the Kingdom of God.
    May the Lord increase your borders, surroundings, grounds in him as you continue to plant, sowing seeds into healthy spiritual soil for the building of the Kingdom of God.
    Have a blessed, prosperous, productive and amazing day in Jesus Christ!️

    • Praise God! Amen! I stand in agreement! Praying that the will of the Lord is done. The Body and True Bride of Jesus Christ can never go wrong when we pray for the will of God to take place on earth, to fill the earth’s atmosphere. God bless you, have a blessed, prosperous and healthy productive day in the Lord Jesus!️

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