Wounded, Betrayed, Deceived, Slandered?


As I looked today and as I saw a large company of Christian brothers and sister and they were wounded and their hearts were literally broken in half, blood dripping and tears had been their portion day and night.  Through betrayal, slander, gossip and lie after lie through person after person, the enemy worked to steal, kill and destroy…. to silence Gods own children.  But it did not and never will work for Gods own children look to God from where their help comes.  When the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord raises a standard against him, Stand strong, hold your tongue and guard your heart with diligence.

God has an Army that cannot and will not be silenced, no matter what devastation they have faced they arise and they fix their eyes of Jesus the Author and the Finisher of their faith.  Their focus is on the one who made Heaven and Earth and every Man that dwells in the earth.  The LORD  is their focus and He is their defender.  They do not have to worry about truth and what is spoken for God alone knows all things and God alone will judge all things.

I want to encourage you if you have been through what seems to be unbearable, your wounds are deep and you wonder at times if you will heal, know this you will heal, God will wipe away your tears from your eyes.  As I read this today, a dear friend sent it to me today, you may want to read Psalm 121 and find comfort.

God does not sleep and God does not take His eyes off of you, He sees, He cares, He knows everything you have been through and every wound you have bore.  He is the Great Physician and He will heal and not only heal but see you through NOW and forever.  You are never left alone.


~ Gail Manizak

Gail ManizakGail Manizak
of The Power and Presence Ministry, is all about encouraging the Body of Christ as a Ministry of Intercession and contending for our communities, as a House of Prayer.



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