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Ye (Kanye West) : Prophetic Words Coming to Pass — 9 Comments

  1. Please pray for Kanye. He came to my messianic congregation last week and saw Jewish people who believe in Jesus. He was invited there by a member, and he came. However, it was evident that he is really hurting by his divorce and the people who have been trying to tear him down. It was also the place he decided to speak against Balenciaga for their child sacrifice/pornography which his ex-wife Kim is a part of. He is surrounded by people who are truly antisemitic and are confusing him. Pray that these people will be removed from his life (e.g. E. Michael Jones) and that he will choose to speak with Jewish believers who can open the scriptures with him regarding God’s plan for Jewish people. God wants to use him and there is an anointing on him, it was OBVIOUS. However, Satan is also blinding him through his pain. My pastor spoke Yeshua’s love over him and asked him to have God’s heart for Jewish people.

    • What is Gods plan for Jewish people that you speak of?  We are all Christians but you set them apart. All you say about Kanye I feel is truth except he was wearing items of Balenciaga recently but he is a Christian who you are pushing to speak with Jewish believers who will open scriptures to tell him Gods plan for Jewish people. Why is this important to Christian Kanye? Really generally interested in answers to the obvious strangeness. If a Chinese group became Christians I would not expect to have people pushing me to find out Gods plan for Chinese people just because I had a few bad experiences with a few Chinese individuals. Kanye needs prayers so that is all we can do for him and pray for Trump and Justin also but Kanye needs to forgive all in his heart and that will set him free. God Bless Kanye and God Bless you all

  2. It is interesting that the loudest voices of opposition to the latest comments by Ye (Kayne) is coming first from the ADL led by a trouble maker named Greenblatt and then from the woke crowd on the left. I wonder if one of the callings on Kayne is to break this woke madness that has captured the society and to put an end to the reckless accusations coming from the ADL thanks to Greenblatt. I sincerely doubt that Kayne really believes some of the outrageous statements he makes but does it just to get a reaction from those who would enforce their opinion on everyone. By getting these insane reactions the public can begin to see how suppressed dissent has become.

  3. Praying !  Have been for a few days.  Father protect these men & guide them to move in your paths & plans for their lives.  Guard them Father a hedge of protection around them & their families in the mighty name of Yeshua

  4. Just before reading this word today, I read a news article stating that the Mayor of New York City is seeking to fill a position officially titled “director of rodent mitigation”. Unofficially they are calling the position Rat Czar. I find the timing of these two articles interesting.

  5. could someone please interpret what is being said here a distinct sound or direction would be helpful ask by a Spirit-filled believer

    • My understanding is that first pray for protection for the three individuals listed. Second, there is a threat of assassination of some important figure with Kayne being the likely individual although that was not made clear. And third, these three individuals have a specific calling on their lives that many in the “church” will struggle with. I think that is obvious in how some in the “church” have responded to President Trump.

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