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Yes! All Aboard the Glory Train! — 3 Comments

  1. Father, i want to be on this train! Wait for me a little bit; wait for me!

    Please (please!), look deeply into my eyes, grab my two hands (so i will left the baggage to do that), and say (again): “Com’on, trust on me, and only come aboard. I have all things prepared on my train to your journey ahead; a joyful journey, don’t worry! You don’t need this old things, old cares. I will pull you now, so 1, 2.. 3!!!”

    Yes! Pull me! Even if i’m only still staring, pull me! Just one movement, i will not resist, pull me in!
    I will be so glad! I will hug and kiss you for that!

    For me you say:
    “Fortunately for you I will not fail.”
    (“I am the luckiest, it’s the truth!
    Ready for anything, night and day. I’m always on the move”)

    Yausha, my redeemer! I love you! My king!
    My Figaro! Bravo, bravissimo!

  2. WOW! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am ALL Aboard the Glory Train and Thank you for The New Life & Freedom in You! Thank You for your powerful and confirming Word! Yes Lord I So Receive The New Thing that is Happening Even Now in 2021 as you Are ReWriting our Story! HALLELUJAH!!!

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