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  1. thank you Lord Jesus Christ thank you Heavenly Father. I receive this word to your servant Geraldine. hallelujah praise God! let it be as you have said Lord. God bless you Geraldine thank you Jesus for your prophet Geraldine. Bless her and all these others that have posted. God bless all. Amen

  2. Thank you Father God, Awesome, is what been asking of you, When ? Confirmation to me. I’m happy to hear it will be very soon. Yes, I fully receive it in Jesus name.

  3. Holy Spirit has spoken through you, my Sister in Christ. I’ve been asking the Lord ALL of those questions (not daily, but often enough) and He has answered through you. HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER.

  4. This message really Blessed me, and I Recieved Confirmation. ….this is not the first time my hearing “Suddenly ” I Recieve it on Jesus Name!

  5. I want God to revealed himself back to me as before,i do pray in the mid night,wish i dont have the strength back anymore..i need holy spirit in my life..ma i want you to always remember me in prayer and send word of prophecy to me..thank you ma

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