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  1. Such beautiful words of encouragement and hope. These are fresh manna from our Abba Father, feeding us to the fullest, whereby we are comforted and content through and through. Thank you our God and thank you so much beloved sister. Shalom to you.

  2. Praise His holy name.  Thank you Yolanda for this word of confirmation and reminder to me.  The Lord gave me a vision over a year ago of 5,7. I immediately looked up the 5 and, you of course know, it means grace. Then I looked up 7 and it means completion.  I finally put it together with Philippians 1:6 and knew God was going to give me the grace for Him to bring me to completion….to my purpose for Him in this life.  Glory Hallelujah!  Thank you for reminding me, as the enemy has worked harder than ever, but, as you say, the closer we get to Him through Jesus, the less ground he has to stand on. I pray for the Christians across the earth, for Him to bring us all to completion to His Glory in the name of His son Jesus.

  3. Yolanda, I appreciate the free download. I apologize for assuming you were selling it. May we be found always in Him, and in all things pursuing the high calling that is found ONLY in our Messiah! I just downloaded it myself a few moments ago. :)

  4. *oops: “possible” to “possibly”
    Thank you for doing this for me. And of course, please do not allow this comment . . . because it is not a comment toward Yolanda word. :)

  5. Amen! Thank you for this word, Yolanda. I will be checking out your book and possible purchasing it. May His kingdom advance upon and through your life! All allegiance and honor to the King!

  6. Yolanda, I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved your book. I downloaded it and will continue to go back over and over it. It is a life changer. What I loved is the many confirmations of the fiery trials I too, have walked through. I will definitely be sharing it for all of those who are questioning the journey of total surrender. So well written. I pray it will get in the hands of all who need it this very difficult season of testing. May God continue to use your life and testimony to bring the light!! Much love and blessings to you, Sandi Holman

  7. This confirms what I do have in front of me at the table: Carots, potatoes, onions,celery, garlic, fennel, cooked in organic coconut oil. The carots are very special: I got 1 kilo for free of these rare vegetables, and therefore my power soup has the colour purple now :)
    I only added salt and pepper, bay leafs and juniper berries.
    I love vegetable soup. It’s good for the entire body systems. I took my cell phone to read beside the dinner. Well done, sister Yolanda. Yes, I taste and see. I see Him not only in the daily bread / food. He is everywhere.

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