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Yes, The Great Escape — 2 Comments

  1. Amen! This is confirmation! The Holy Spirit has been giving me these scriptures recently as well!  As I was in prayer on 07/30, a vision came to my mind of Him on a white horse, and I was sitting in front of Him, and there was mist and beautiful colors all around as we rode together and He was showing me His majestic glory. The Holy Spirit said the following words, “lift up your head sons and daughters,for your redemption draws neigh” and as I got up from praying I felt the sound of hoof beats in my spirit coming closer! Hallelujah! Submit yourselves to Him, stand firm in Him and be ready for Him!

  2. Come LORD JESUS come. Thank you. I pray to be found worthy. To be caught up with you. Honor, glory, power, and majesty and dominion be thine forever. Bless your name

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