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Yes! The LORD Your Healer! — 3 Comments

  1. Healing is a covenant right in the New Testament if you can render a reason or excuse why you should not be healed or if you may think that God’s ways are higher and beyond understanding or that God is teaching and training me through this sickness problem. These are all symptoms of someone who does not understand that when they accepted Jesus they were immediately made right they have fulfilled all the laws requirements and are eligible to receive everything that is given or promised in God’s word. To increase your faith watch and listen to your mouth be very slow to speak savor your words like your life depended on what you say, if you say things that are contrary to what you are believing repent for the faithless words immediately if the double talk continues unchecked because that’s just who I AM I can guarantee you will receive nothing from God

  2. I need healing! I have prayed for years and I’m still waiting for this.Pray for me that I can understand how to release my faith. Thank you

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