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  1. Marion, I’ve been thinking of you since I read your comment on 12-31-20.No one understands what you are going thru, but I do. I’ve been going thru a similar situation for years also. Tracking, bodily harassment. No sitting standing or sleeping for me. I know its connected to a military program. Lost my apartment, in my third one an was followed here too. Its only by God’s Grace and by the Blood of Jesus I’ve survived this long. They have no purpose but to try to kill steal destroy. But the Lord of Hosts, our God has a battle plan of victory, no matter what! He’s says; “Vengeance is Mine”, “I will repay”. Rom 12:19. So Marion I agree with you OUR GOD will soon bring vindication, recompense,deliverance freedom and justice for us and others like us.

  2. It has been a week or 10 days I didn’t comment on any article here. The persecution did not stop. They know my work schedules, my phone and car is live tracked, it is truly a diabolic game for them who have the amount of money and time to pay the stalkers and follow me since years. Yesterday I was in post office in neighbour town after work, there they threw the same / similar things around my car. Exactly the same method how they throw the reoccuring same pieces in elevators, under tables, in stores, with this gangstalking TRIGGERING program they want to scare and want to create fear. And to silence people. Yesterday I looked straight into the face of one well dressed man who stood in a short distance. His dirty arrogant smirk could be seen and felt. After it I got a mail from my own account to my second mail account with a mocking even death threatening Bible verse. They set up horrible pictures of ear damage into every device, pictures of damaged rheumatic knee joints, broken teeths etc. Day and night they let me know that they are after me or ahead of me and surrounding me. It doesn’t matter if I am quiet or sharing anything public. These demon possessed, evil obsessed hit and run criminals need GOD. Surely I listened to JESUS’ Words according Matthew 5: “Bless those who persecute you”. I almost died under the military psyop warfare program. Their purpose is not love or care or help – their purpose is malicious joy, revenge, destruction, and delusion of omnipotence. Thank you all my sisters and brothers who were and are standing with me. OUR GOD will soon bring vindication, deliverance, freedom and justice !

    • Bless you Marion. May God grace you with the peace that passes understanding. May He encourage you and bless you in every area of your life. Amen

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