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  1. Hi Sandi, what an aswesome and striking word. Much revelation of who the King of Glory is!!! I receive this word and will have to read it over and over again.  I am at awe at this: Tell My People, I AM coming suddenly and I will get the attention of all the world like a sudden strike of lightning that shall be seen over all the world. Again thanks for your obedient heart to edify His body.  Much love to your and yours!!!

    • Dearest MF, I thought I had replied but I will take a few minutes to say thank you. I believe the Lord is striking with iron and blazing fire in this hour to make a firm immovable statement to the enemy and the world which both seem to be doubling down on foolishness, lies and deception. So I clearly saw a lightning rod appear in the spirit as I spoke His word here. Love, peace and joy to you Sandi

  2. Dear Sandi,

    Several confirmations here sister, first being (4th paragraph in) about ‘lightning’. See Matthew 24, “the lightning that shall flash from the East to the West”, was a verse God highlighted often last 40 years.
    Recently- He’s been highlighting it to me again. (Too long of a post to list here – but suffice it to say the “lighning” – which infers power, suddenly, weather will get mankind’s attention soon. He is over the constellations and over the atmosphere.

    Just another confirmation for you Sandi- on “the Trump key” and “Isaiah 22:22” also. Cant remember if I posted that on this website in ’22 or ’23, but ‘the Trump key’ & Is.22:22 reference was it. Exactly what The Lord said to me too. We just never know when or how a Word will unveil itself.

    Seems the Lord is speaking many things to many hearer(s) to let us know to stay step in step with Him. Shalom

    • Hello my friend Elizabeth, I agree it seems I am repeating what I have prophesied before about ‘the Donald’ since I have been in his corner since day 1 appoined by the Lord. And the Key of David has been also spoken to me over and over to remind me many doors can be opened but when the Lord opens the door, no man can shut it. The world and the left are wearing themselves out trying to shut it. LOL! May we continue to stay in stay as we march to the tune of a different drummer..the Lord is setting the tempo and INDEED, I saw the word lightning and almost could feel it strike with a thundering boom as well as I penned this word from the Lord. Love and blessings, my sister. Sandi

  3. Such a confirmation! Yes, it’s the Gospel Train of Glory!!!

    I was driving along the other day, my road was completely parallel to the train, at the same speed of 40mph. Lord, what is this ? And then again on the way home. I knew He was telling me something. So I started singing about His train of Glory.

    He’s so good, isn’t He?

    • Ruth, thanks for your input. So glad it was a confirmation. I agree with you completely! HE is SO good, so good! Many blessings, Sandi Holman

  4. A side note the name Donald means chief or world ruler. The name David means beloved two name two different men and in the end both will be proper to those they have been given to.

    • David, thanks so much for that side note. I find that pretty important, don’t you? I shout AMEN to Donald our chief! Sincerely, Sandi

      • Thanks Sandy the name David is also something I am knowledgeable about. I have had that name for 70 years come 2/17 24
        And also 40 years as a believer maybe that is a subject that will come up in the near future.

  5. Amen and Amen!
    I believe it!
    I receive it!
    Thank You Sandi!
    Thank You Jesus!
    Whoo hoo! I’m so jacked up right now I feel like I could come off the ground. Let go Saints, let’s see and soar on earth as it is in heaven!!!


    • Dear Marc, Praise God! I rejoice with you that you witnessed to what the Lord spoke!You are so welcome. May it come quickly! Sincere blessings, Sandi Holman

  6. Sister you look with clear eyes and see things about to take place. At the moment as through a glass darkly. A train a key God using Donald Trump all things part of a puzzle. Some of the pieces are not quite in focus yet though pretty close. Donald is not a David just very closely linked. Almost as one but truly two different men or people. First the natural then the spiritual. The glory train everyone is always talking about in the end will surprise most all and be a real train or what use to be one. Simple stuff. So simple a child could see it. The church in America was not willing to listen to the truth until their natural life’s were touched like is happening all over the country and world now. They will be made to listen so they can escape destruction many will look back at what you and others have written and say that’s what is was. It will suddenly come into view. And then we will be friends at least that is the plan. I was not dogging you out sister some time ago about being friends I was trying to put a key in a door. One that is slowly opening.

    • Hello again my brother, David. I thank you so much for your powerful prophetic reply to me. I so desire to see and hear with clarity of vision. There have been many pieces to this puzzle and yet it is pretty much what the Lord has been saying all along about ‘the Donald’ when He first called me to pray for him. For sure, there was only one David and the same for Donald but both so very uniquesly chosen for their role in history and both hand picked by the Lord of Glory I love that Donald didn’t need money, fame or certainly not the horrible persecution he has taken (and only could have made it through without GOD) but He is on assignment.From where I sit, the church is not quite THERE yet..they are still playing church, “look at me. I am building my personal kingdom but the showtime is about to change. About the ‘friend’, help me out..I know you are not dogging me..keep that door of communication open until we catch the Glory train! Sandi

  7. Hi, Sandi

    this comes on the heels of a revelation Andrew Whalen shared yesterday at Elijahstreams!! Such a poignant confirmation, please listen to it…….!!!

    • Wow, Dorothea, I only know Andrew Whalen slightly. I believe I have read a few of his prophetic words. I will check it out. Occasionally, I take time for ElijahStreams. Thanks for sharing. I will listen. Many blessings to you, dear one. Sandi

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