Yielding to the Holy Ghost


For the moment, let’s not talk about what we used to do; let’s talk about what we can do right now.  But you see, that’s hard; because the very same things we used to do to get some of the things we wanted, are still the very same things that will get us to where we want to be today.  The Holy Ghost used to teach us; then, we would turn to others, and help teach them what we had been taught.  In other words, give them a hand, until they could learn to walk for themselves.  It truly worked.

Getting right in to it, we are going to have to practice some things.  We must observe others demonstrating it, follow their example and allow the Holy Ghost to teach us the rest.  Some forget, that the Holy Spirit of God, is the most indescribable force there is, or ever was.  The awesome power of God, cannot be tamed, overcomed, defeated or compared.  The Holy Ghost can do more in an instant, than we can in a lifetime.  We’ve heard that said quite a bit lately; we need to hear it; be reminded of it.  And not forget it.

There are some things we have to learn; we have to use them.  If we never get the opportunity to “train by practice,” we are never going to be able to grow in our Spiritual gifts and calling.  Strong meat, belongeth to them that are of full age; in other words, solid food, is only for fully grown men and women.  That’s why it’s so clever to keep everybody distracted, into some kind of music and always hopping and jumping.  They don’t get to practice the real things of the Spirit or to demonstrate, His absolute real Power.

You learn as you do it.  I’ve said before, one way to learn how to give out a message in tongues or interpret one, is to let that unction pass by when you feel it.  You feel so disappointed, deserted and empty; so the next time you feel that unction, you gather up your courage, and you give out what you can.  The more you use it, the better you get at it.  But there is a very serious disconnect with something here; and it’s this.  You will never learn to yield to the Holy Ghost, if you are not trying with everything you have, to follow His leading and are seeking His will alone. It doesn’t work that way.

Full grown children of God, know what the unction of the Spirit is.  They know when their spirit bears witness, with the Holy Spirit.  For their very senses, and mental faculties, can discriminate and distinguish, both the good, and the bad.  Even alone, the Holy Ghost can teach us to yield and how to follow.  Fasting, prayer, the study of His Word, and then practice.

If we cannot yield and use those things where we are, God is about to show us where we can.  The time is far spent.  It really is, our own soul salvation.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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