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You Are Coming Through! — 9 Comments

  1. Heavenly Father, Your Will for my life be done.

    Love, Jay

    Thank you, Sister Jarvis for this Word from Our Father.

  2. I am going through a very difficult time in my life. Join me in intercessory prayer. I need a second touch from the Almighty

  3. Sister Dana, the timing of your post was perfect as Abba Yah’s timing is perfect. It encouraged my heart. Blessings to you today!

  4. I am one of them Dana.I am Maria.I am a Prophet,my husband is a wicked Prophet,a true but wicked one as of Balaam.He locked me in the Spirit not to get Credit in any Bank.This morning I was devastated.We have children and I am way over my limits.Actually due to my good stable salary (Civil Servant since 1991)I should be entitled to get another small credit to cover the minus,but my husband spiritually blocked me and decreed past night to All Banks to block me.His Powers are as To the Sons of Perdition.I am locked badly and can only dance and sing this evening for that demonic spiritual embargo (very deadly and destructive)over my life to be broken so the Bank will give me tomorrow morning access to money again to buy food and pay Bills.What you say is REAL,I am one of them.In the Spirit I walk through flames way over my head.I hear the crackling and flickering but God does not allow them to harm me.Prophets can use the Grace of God Upon their lives for shrewd things to parade power.I am a victim of the abuse of Spiritual Power.

    I have changed my name.My story is real.i am 46.4 children.residing in Europe.God bless you Dana.Thanks for the article.

  5. Thank you Dana for this word from the Lord, it`s a true word my wife Saralie and I Randolph have been antispating for some time now.

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