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  1. Oh we were only just talking about the name Benjamin yesterday .. as the brother of Joseph the only sons of Rachel
    This Word ♥️
    It speaks to my heart.
    And it reminds me of the rhema word.
    “I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”Isaiah 41:10

  2. Wow!  Just last night I wss thinking about Benjamin and how he represented the two comings of Christ.  His mother named him Son of my Sorrow and father renamed him Son of my Right Hand.  Then I thought about when Benjamin was destroyed down to 600 men (a remnant) because they had allowed evil to prosper in their midst.  Ultimately their new wives (fruitfulness) had to come from a newly conquered people (converts?).  If you apply the types and shadows to today’s remnant, it fits.

  3. “Whether in the body or out of the body,I don’t know,but get ready to be sent”.I need to have “the faith of God” Mo.11:22.or the gift of faith by the Holy Spirit for God to do through us extra ordinary task.

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