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  1. A few weeks ago, God gave my husband a vision. In his vision, he stood on a street, looking out the sea and the sea currents. He said he felt like the place was New York. There was a restaurant between the sea and my husband. Also, he had a wooden wall with a rectangle-shaped window ahead of him. Maybe it seems to be protecting him from the happenings coming from the sea. Suddenly, he saw a series of tremendous sea tornadoes approaching toward the sea shore through the narrow window. It is said that approximately more than at least 20 tornadoes seemed to be in a transparent rectangular box. Since the vision, he has suffered from body pain like stinging with needles. Fortunately, God made us find the sources of the affliction and break them off. After trial and error, we are solving this spiritual hardship. We felt only the way God showed us was possible. Thank God, and thank you for your prayer all the time.(The funny thing is one of our enemies is within reach, which means “very close.” And he can use varios high-tech magics.I canot help laughing. Only God has a key to finish this.)

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