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You are the Prophet of Your Life — 15 Comments

  1. A needed word for today if there ever was one. The past is behind us, and we are being prepared for what is coming…soon !!! Thanks, Sandi, for this vital prophetic message.

    • It is a surprise indeed to encounter your comment, my dear husband, Gerry. I say Yes and amen to ‘the past is behind us and we are truly in preparation for the ‘unknown’. May this be our best year ever, xoxo Sandi

    • The power of two in agreement brings forth a SO BE IT, Laura. Thanks for your agreement. Many blessings for the New Year. Sandi Holman

  2. The LORD bless you and keep you.The LORD shine His Face on you and give you His Peace! Thank you for sharing His awesome beauty. He spoke directly to my whole being, too awesome to describe.

  3. The LORD bless you and keep you.The LORD shine His Face on you and give you His Peace! Thank you for sharing His awesome beauty. He spoke directly to my whole beauty, too awesome to describe.

    • I receive that blessing John. I am grateful every time someone says ‘He spoke directly to me’. May the peace that passes understanding fill your heart and mind as you continue to walk with the Lord by faith. Happy New Year. Sandi Holman

  4. Dear Sandi –

    Your words are a good reminder indeed that our words/ thoughts/ intentions cause us to prophesy into our own lives. As I’ve been ‘putting up with’ or trying to ignore old injuries/ ailments/ issues, among other nuisances, your post reminded me to think ‘actively resist’ the junk the enemy’s been hurling my way – not just ignoring it and going on my way.

    It’s so easy to become overwhelmed in juggling life – and yet – I need to stand back,re-focus and remember, that Lil David ran to Goliath to defeat him, he didn’t stand still to try & defend himself. He lunged forward with God-faith. Your post was the 5 smooth-stones I needed today. Thank you- Shalom

    • Elizabeth I loved tha description you gave 5 smooth stones!! I have something I will send you that you will like. Love and peace to you my friend, Sandi

  5. Sandi this is such amazing encouragement.
    Just recently the Holy Spirit has been quickening to me the picture of a long thin necklace with tiny little loops. And when He begins His work in us, that beautiful necklace (us) is entangled in a ball. But He very patiently and with gentle loving hands begins His process of restoring us to our pure beautiful form…..completely untangled!!
    He’s so good Sandi!!
    I confess this Day that 2024 is the Year of Ascending to bring the Kingdom of God upon the Earth!!
    Happy New Year beautiful lady!! :)

    • Cherish, so in agreement that 2024 is the Year of Ascending!!! What a lovely thought …we are a necklace. I got one for Christmas that I knew was a message that I couldn’t explain. Thanks for that description because I think I understand my puzzlement about the gift and who sent it. As I read this, the Lord said He is untangling the problem that I have had for years with the person that gave that to me (family member and difficult to know). So glad you were encouraged. Have a blessed NEW YEAR. xoxo Sandi

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