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  1. Good morning dear sister
    Thank you for the chosen Holy Scriptures. When I read CAPTAIN, I thought I must share that “my” earthly Captain, the one beside my Captain Jesus Christ, King of Kings, was here on Sunday May 19, 2019. We attened Missionary Church together, had 8 hours to talk and to see us again. 7000 miles are the earthly distance between us. He came over from Florida to my little apartment. We had a very spontaneous meeting with 5 around the table, we prepared lunch together, had a good time. I did not beg or call him, I even did not pray for his return. A DREAM the night before, GIVEN TO ME BY GOD, and my rising up in faith in the morning, made it all happen how that day was unfolding. We all were asthonished how this wonder happened. My son witnessed it, and my 2 German guests too, and the entire big congregation. Prophetically it means: BEHOLD, I AM AT THE DOOR. SUDDENLY THE BRIDEGROOM APPEARS. The King of Kings will take His bride very soon and SUDDENLY to a save place, before His wrath must come over all the earth. Time is very short. Sisters and brothers: REPENT, for THE LORD is coming quickly !

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