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  1. There was another article that Trump will be back as president end of 2021. It looks this was obviously a misunderstanding.

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  2. Corruption – the taking of bribes – is serious, but abortion – the killing of babies – is very much more serious.  I find it hard to believe that the Lord would be more concerned with the former than the latter, and that this would be the basis for the severity of the judgement promised on America.

    This word seems to relish the severity of this judgement on America, while this would give the Lord great sorrow.  Whenever the Lord allows destruction comes, He always provides a way of escape for a faithful remnant of His people.  This word seems to suggest that no such faithful remnant exists. 

    President Trump stands in good stead as a president who is opposed to abortion.  He had the Lord’s protection upon him in his first term.  I would like to know what has changed which would allow his “planned destruction” in his second term? 

    I would like to know how we can pray for America, not to be led to believe that there is no grace for America in what is still the age of grace.

  3. Father God, guide us by the Power of Your Spirit to see through our eternal position in Your Son at Your Right Hand. Give us Vision Father, for without Vision we perish. Help us to walk in the “Kingdom of God Eternal Victory” on earth as we are in Heaven!! Make us a spectacle of Your Love, Peace and Joy in the middle of the storm, so that Your Beloved Children who don’t yet know You can be drawn by You, to You, through us…in Jesus Beautiful, Merciful Name, Amen

    • The LORD, in spite of the sin and corruption of the politicians and branches of the government, HE will raise up those who are still faithful to His calling. The Underground Churches are still thriving and they are growing in numbers as the Holy Spirit download Scripture verses and books of the Holy Bibles to hearts. For He is faithful.  The angels of the LORD are around those who are faithful to our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.  We must run the race that is set before us. Sharing the good news of the return of our soon coming King.

    • The Gospel of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, must go throughout the entire earth and when the very last individual who will receive Jesus Christ as their personal LORD and Savior, then His Body, will hear the trumpet sound and the dead in Christ will rise up and those who will be alive will be quickened and we will all rise up and meet Him in the air. And the Holy Spirit will go over to Israel and the 144,000 Jewish Evangelists will go forward and share the good news. I better stop here. Otherwise I will go on and on, and on and on!

  4. THIS is the way it will be with ALL nations who REFUSE to heed GOD’S warning. They’ve been TOLD and TOLD and WARNED and WARNED. America AND Britain have allowed the most wicked, corrupt and deceitful people to rule and govern our once great nations. It’s come back to BITE us BIG TIME.

    We’ve SPOILED and INDULGED these awful people for more years than most of us can remember and now we are paying the price. We’e getting what we deserve!!

    Both our countries as ENTIRE nations are BEYOND SAVING now.

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