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  1. This picture resonates with me more than I can say.
    I’ve been walking through the Valley of Shadows much longer than I even realized.
    I was hoping above all hopes a few years ago, that the upcoming event we scheduled at the Inner City Group was finally my Kairos Time of deliverence. When once again it didn’t happen, and I woke again the next morning to the same torment, I said to the Lord, through tears, “Yes and Thank You Father.” And I got up and went for our morning walk on the paths by my home, lined with streams and ponds and trees and wildflowers…so beautiful.
    I passed a lady along the way, she was walking her puppy. I said “good morning,” and so did she. I’d taken a new path that day, one I hadn’t taken before. On my way back home I heard someone coming up behind me, and the song Good Good Father was playing on her phone. It was that lady. She caught up to me and reached out to hand me something, it was a monarch butterfly, it had died and its wings were backwards but it was beautiful. She said she found it in the grass and the Holy Spirit told her to give it to me. She walked me home and hugged me…twice, the most beautiful hugs I’ve ever received.
    I took that butterfly to Church with me in a clear glass vase that morning and shared the testimony. When I walked out the door and got to the car, the wings on the butterfly turned to the right position and it lept onto my hand and flew to the top of the tree…true story.
    Anyway, the song Good Good Father is the song we sang at the meeting the day before.
    About a week later I decided to walk on that same path. When I turned to the street that led there I looked up and saw that the name on the sign read Monarch Trail!!! True Story!!!
    Our God is so so Good Yvonne.
    Thank you for the Beautiful picture you posted. I’m so very blessed!!

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