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You Don’t Have to Talk About What You Demonstrate — 4 Comments

  1. AAaamen! Good teaching man of God! The Church in demonstration of Spirit and Power effectively to be displayed/demonstrated in the earth. Eph. 3:9-11 – We can consider Rom.12:6-8 gifts as the Father’s creational gifts, by which WE engage and affect the earth as differs Eph.4:11 essentially, edifying of the Body of Christ – as God in “demonstration” and “power” goes in and through His Body individually, and corporately to advance His Kingdom/Government – as WE are called to govern in the earth. The insight of God’s “power” Strong’s #1754,#1411 of the miraculous Col.1:29 Eph.4:16, Zech. 4:7 Acts 4:33 “works” in us – is active and operates to bring effectual results in the earth realm. Matt. 11:12 – His KingDome – Bringing Dominion

  2. Signore, guidaci a conoscerti sempre di più e ad essere pronti per l’effusione dello Spirito e per il Tuo ritorno. Amen

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Lord, guide us to know You more and more and to be ready for the outpouring of the Spirit and Your return. Amen” ]

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