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You Have a Heavenly Lawyer — 2 Comments

  1. There is this one word that is highlighted: ADVOCATE. When I was a child, one of my grandmothers said “Our Marion writes like an advocate”. (I explained in a prior comment that my Hebrew name is Myriam) We were not of a business owner family or any other privileged, but I thank GOD and my parents that I could attend high school in the Seventies. I loved to learn the English language.
    When you have the call or anointing of being an advocate, you must have a strong sense for what is right and wrong. You dare to speak, to write and to act for righteousness.
    Then came a time when studying psychology became a modern disease. It ihas corrupted and almost destroyed the Word and the Will of GOD. The pride of science, the forensic obsession to make money out of everything, with communist tools of control and manipulation are also a disease. Thousends upon thousands of books werde made. High amounts of money and time wasted, instead of helping neighbours with WORK !
    Yes sister, with faith in JESUS CHRIST we have an ADVOCATE inside, and together with our HEAVENLY ADVOCATE we have authority. Here on earth, and one day soon, together wirh Him we will judge even the judges.

  2. Yes FATHER, YOU ARE; The “ONLY ONE” not other; AMÉN; AMÉN; AMÉN, with all the full precise TRUTH verdict’s, to each walking steps done from Your KINGDOM. SELAH.! with full ending SHALOM, AMÉN..! with FAITH to YOU YESHUA’ HA-MASIACH MESSIAH TZIDKENU SABAOTH FOR ETERNITY AMÉN..! FROM THE CROSS AND THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB..!AS the final SELAH DONE..! that I NEVER EVER will FORGET to HONOR YOUR “ONE”. JAHOVAH THE RAPHA SHIELD..!


    EZ 48

    JDG 6

    IS 30

    LV 20

    EX 31

    PS 98

    GN 21-23

    JR 23-33

    2 SM 21

    DT 1-8

    AMÉN..!!! + ♥♥♥HIS extra SELAH words♥♥♥..!

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