You have Favor to Speak and to be heard!


It is a new season.  It is a new day.  Like a puzzle, I AM putting the pieces together, yes even one piece at a time.  Transition, in motion, come endure and prepare for the ride.

Watch and see change, as it is coming about.  Marvel at My hand in motion!  I AM doing this say the Lord.  Change of mind, change of venue, change of place, change, change, change!  Many things are coming together, piece by piece.  Can you perceive it and can you accept it?  Can you trust Me say the Lord?

I have been removing some things and imparting the “new” step by step, we go.  All that is not of eternal value, I AM removing.

Here comes transition and replacing of old thought patterns into the new.  They were not necessarily bad, they were just not My thoughts.  There is coming a time when the release of the gifting of the prophetic and word of wisdom must come forth.  This is transition and a going forth in the Spirit as never before.

Get ready!  Though it seems things are taking time to come together, it is as if a woman would sew a huge quilt.  Each piece of fabric has to be put in place in order for the quilt to become the beauty it is supposed to be.

Through transition, I AM bringing you to the place I want you, piece by piece and step by step.  This is not anything you can do.  The Spirit of God in you is working and, because you have been so pliable in My hands, you have noticed changes coming about in this season.

You have craved it and sought after it and this is the year of releasing My people, releasing My prophets, My teachers My evangelists and My Apostolic ones.  They have been given a voice that is truly from Me.  The enemy has attempted to silence the voice of My children in every way possible.

Though you were silenced and unable to speak for a moment I, the Lord, am giving you a boldness this season to walk in Holy boldness with My strength.  Follow Me through these dark places.  Bring light to many who have sat in darkness not knowing how to find their way out and into the light and into the freedom that I have for them.  I have given you the boldness to speak and the favor to be heard.

I AM going to bring you to that place where what I have done in you will be imparted to others.  As you lay your hands upon others, there will be an impartation of new strength new perseverance, they will reach new plateaus.

Know this, though many have turned away, though many have found the place of lukewarmness, I have raised up a remnant church who are alive and well, they will not leave any wounded or dying in the streets but will feed and nourish the weak, weary and worn, giving them a fresh word from heaven.  It will be manna that will cause them to survive and to live again.

Amen and Amen.


~ Gail Manizak

Gail ManizakGail Manizak of The Power and Presence Ministry, is all about encouraging the Body of Christ as a Ministry of Intercession and contending for our communities, as a House of Prayer.



You have Favor to Speak and to be heard! — 3 Comments

  1. “Marvel at My hand in motion!  I AM doing this say the Lord.  Change of mind, change of venue”
    “Though you were silenced and unable to speak for a moment”

    I marvel when I read this (and other prophecy that is in totally agreement with what I receives and experiences)

    The other week the Lord gave me such a chock (change of my mind) that I was almost silenced for two days, In “chock” I went into prayer.
    All what He had done to me the last years seemed – at the first glimps- to be changed.
    It was like a carpet was drawn away under my feet. I even lost my appetite.
    Then He gave me a vision, and the following day a confirmation of the vision.
    After I had meditated on that I understood that this change was done in a way for to in some way – change venue!
    And it has to do with the coming of the great release of the Spiritual Gifts to His obedient remnant army!

    A was astonished and now you made me astonished and speechless.
    These are the time when nothing else matters than keeping the focus on the Lord.

    God Bless you from northern Europe

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