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You Read My Heart Like an Open Book (Updated) — 27 Comments

  1. Ahhh Sandi, how beautifully put straight from the Father’s heart.

    The Holy Spirit drew me to read your article this morning.

    As yet, have not read any of the comments in the thread. Pulling out this for now Father spoke:

    “The spirit of contention in rooted in the desire to be right, so let no argument arise out of a mindset to be in control, but submit yourselves one to another in love, for I, The LORD God, AM Love”

    Right on, right on and right on!

    We must always let go of just being right and get to the place It is always about HIM and not ourselves.

    Beautiful about the love and kindness… To be like Jesus truly, and let HIS true light shine out of us… is what I desire.

    One day this journey on this earth will be over as we know it now.

    The Lord has spoke that to me a lot, about Revival to be in us. We are to be Glory Carriers at all times.

    Love and prayers my beautiful sis and friend

    • Dearest Joyce, My heart is always warm after reading your comments. You truly have the pen of a ready writer. Your word flow so well and you encourage me and others with every word. That is a sign of His heart in you reaching out to build up His body, affirm His love as you speak the truth in agreement with truth. Great is your reward! You are much loved my friend, Sandi

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