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You Shall Not Be Denied Your Due Recompense — 3 Comments

  1. What a touching comment by sister Cheri Berge. She confirms ZOE and I must confirm 2222 though I decided to stop commenting. Long ago, it’s decades since then, I felt a special “passion” for the number 2. First of all, for the similarity to a SWAN. I love those animals, their beauty, their faithfulness. Later, without knowing any Hebrew meaning or anything about numbers, codes etc., I realized that the number 2 occurs 3 times in my birthday, I never mentioned it ever before. I chose this number combination that you my precious sister of Zion mentioned above, for PIN codes since 2 decades…. and I am NOT worried that even this “naive” information will be used against me ever again. I AM a child of GOD and HIS LIGHT is with me. Sister, I have never thought that such a great helper like you are would be possible. May your recompense be also 100-fold :)

  2. This is a Rhema Word for me! Zoe has entered my bones again!! And yes, 2222. I always used Is. 22:22, nut today, Holy Ghost nailed it!


  3. Good beautiful day Deborah.
    So this is just how AMAZING God is!!! My brother has just moved back from California to Northern Minnesota to a home on a lake. I’ve been going out on weekends to help with all that needs to be done, painting, yard work, etc. We’ve been encouraging each other through many dark nights, mostly via phone. His best friend is a female bull dog named Zoe!! How great is our God!!
    I receive this Word from Him to both of us, I already sent it to him and am so excited that thats the first thing he’ll read today.
    Abba Beautiful Father, You are TRULY just that Good!!
    Bless your beautiful heart Deborah!!

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