You were Made for a Time such as This!


“Now in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some unto honor, and some unto dishonor”   1 Timothy 2:20.

“It is time, I say that it is time for some to come unto their own.  For many have been set upon a shelf.  Many have been set upon a shelf waiting and wondering when their time will come.

But I tell you that now is time to brush off the dust.  Now is the time that you are being brought into the Master’s use.  Many have been sitting in their own rooms and homes.  Some have overstayed their time in the cave.

But now I will put some of you upon the fast track.  For the blooms are opening.  The soil has produced a fine-colored rose.  You are now ready, would say the Lord.  Your feet are being shod with the gospel of peace.  You have sharpened, and resharpened your swords, and I would say that they are now ready.

For many of you are part of my last firing of clay pieces.  I have added distinctive marks on you for my purposes.

Did you think that you would always remain where you have been?  For, that season is over with now.  And months earlier you gazed across the hills and you saw the place that you are now in from afar.  For it was not just an illusion upon the horizon.  For that place is now, says the Lord.

So dust off your armor.  Put it on and see that it fits well.  You were made for a time such as this. ”


~ Stephen Hanson

Prophet Stephen HansonStephen Hanson of In His Truth Ministries came to the Lord is a special way in 1975 and has been prophesying regularly since.  In these end-time birthing pangs we are to be reminded that judgment must first begin with the household of God.  Will we be prepared and ready?


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